1. This means a lot to us. Being a sponsor of an event is some sort of a commitment, Hosting it is more than that, its’a statement. By organising a party we are telling our users, our partners the Mac community and the tech World that we are in the place for many years to come - and we’re absolutely thrilled about that!

    It all Began Over a Steak

    The idea of that party I think came up during a discussion with Erfon Elijah, the host of The CultCast. He actually will be rocking the party hosting a live podcast with his accomplices Leander Kahney, Buster Heine and Alex Heath. I met Erfon in Seattle last June after attending #AltWWDC (now AltConf) in San Francisco. We had been sponsors of the podcast for a year and as I was listening to the weekly shows I really became the biggest fan, and so we went out for a dinner. We were discussing what could be something fun to do about the show. So the idea of a live podcast was born. I called my friend Misha at MacUpdate and he said he’d be in. He even scouted the amazing talent of DJ Egadz who will perform on that night for us. So the party was on.


    Good Parties are About Good People

    We’ll have some good time there because we’ll be among good people. The CultCast Team are rockstars that’s a fact - but they are awesome people, trust me . The MacUpdate guys are the greatest Mac community members, just think of what they do: offering the best software titles and deals to Mac users. And when it comes to party, these guys are well trained professionals, they know how to party. And I can’t say enough how much I like being with my partners here at DigiDNA, but to realize  how cool they are you’ll have to tome to the party.

    Things We Always Cared About

    We started this business because we love music and sharing. We have been out there helping out to get the most of those iPods for a while. Time has passed, things have changed since the beginnings. But the original spirit has alway been there. Taking part of the action and launching a party during MacWorld show is the way to give back the love, the fun and the spirit.

    So see you on March 27th 8:00 pm at The Box SF - 1069 Howard St, San Francisco.

    We can’t wait to meet you there.


    PS: There are a few free tickets left for you here, hurry up!

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