1. Funny thing inadvertently discovered when we connected an iPhone 5  to DiskAid yesterday night: instead of the device’s regular color value  (i.e. ‘black’) as every other iPhone running any former iOS version up to 6 the device running iOS 7 Beta 5 returned the value ‘#3b3b3c’.


    Bingo! iOS 7 is designed to support and reflect different values for colors, my iPhone 5 is ‘Black and Slate’; slate’s in hexadecimal code is #3b3b3c.


    The iPhone 4S and the iPad Mini running iOS 7 Beta 5 do not return an hex code, but ‘black’ or ‘white’. This make it more obvious that the hex code is designed to offer a wider choice of colors for the latest generation iPhone and also show that the iPad Mini is not going to be available in new colors.

    Now we can start to guess what will the other colors available for the next generation iPhones’ bodies.

    [EDIT: Mentioned that the device connected was an iPhone 5S… If only. Thanks @finnocentepro]

    [EDIT: Added remark on the iPad Mini]

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