1. Before we introduced the selective restore and apps management functions in DiskAid, if you did not wanted to lose data upon upgrading to a new device or just at any given time wanted to reclaim some storage space, you had only one choice: delete the data. Now you can save it for later.

    Destructive habits

    Two most common use cases are normal users gathering data and gamers.
    Pretty much everyone accumulates data in their iPhone over time, would it be messages, pictures, (or both as attachments in MMS). The only way to reduce this bulk using iTunes is destructive so users are forced to upgrade for more storage, whether through more physical storage on the iPhone or on iCloud.
    Gamers (even casual ones) pay a big toll to storage, games nowadays typically use between 1 and 2GB of data storage. In most case downloading the latest sequel of Infinity Blade means deleting the former. And deleting an app in usual terms means deleting “all of it’s data” - i.e. the game progression.

    Upgrade = Supersize

    So upon upgrade, each year as a new iPhone version hits the shelves of the Apple stores, the same question arises, and the answer reflects the embarrassingly repetitive same trade off:
    Should you just restrain yourself and start with a fresh install (because your current storage cannot be restored to a smaller device), or do you upgrade to more storage and continue to add to your mountain of accrued data.

    DiskAid is a Game changer (literally)

    No matter what, most storage is used by data you only want to keep and you don’t necessarily need to have at hand. DiskAid lets you keep this stuff on your computer and selectively restore what you need from your computer to your device. In other words, DiskAid can save you money on iOS storage.

    DiskAid lets you park all apps and keep them frozen onto your computer for later - if you want to finish that game or need your movie archive in VLC for your next flight.
    And also, next time you upgrade to a new phone, you can get rid of all the bulk data and choose from the following data set(s) the one(s) you want to restore and the ones you’ll keep safely backed up on your computer.
    - Apps (Selected or all)
    - Apps Data
    - Photos
    - Contacts
    - Messages
    - Call history
    - Voicemails
    - Calendars
    - Notes
    - Voice memos
    - Safari bookmarks

    Selective backup/restore and apps management are currently free features in DiskAid. So you have no excuse for saving money on your next device purchase. Get it here.

  2. Last I was planning to go to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s conference in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to meet Apple engineers staff during the 2008 iPhone Tech Talk Tour and I was excited this would happen again. I was unsure about what to expect but was highly motivated.

    No luck, year 2013 was the shortest WWDC ticket sale ever.


    It took less than 2 minutes to sell out, my hopes were over. Until I heard about AltWWDC - an alternative developer conference held during the week of the WWDC in San Francisco, right around the corner from Apple’s event. As my goal was rather taking the pulse of what was going on around Apple’s ecosystem than really learning new coding tricks in workshops I thought I’d fly to SF anyway to AltWWDC. Maybe only in order to mingle with the Apple community of followers. That was the right thing to do. It was such an experience that I’m going back this year - even though I wasn’t elected to purchase my WWDC ticket through the lottery either. (Disclaimer: we are this year’s main sponsor :)

    AltWWDC is now AltConf


    This is likely to be a concession made to Apple, the conference has changed its name from AltWWDC to AltConf. Some will remember that another developer conference that was scheduled at the same time last year was cancelled by the venue because it was conflicting with the latter’s engagements with Apple. The story did not even say if Apple did even comment on the matter but AltWWDC’s organisers certainly did the right thing avoiding any confusion and renaming the event.

    AltConf vs. WWDC

    There are fundamental differences between the two conferences. Firstly and obviously WWDC is Apple’s official main event whereas AltConf is organised independently by a bunch of awesome volunteers. Then, and somehow paradoxically, the alternative conference AltConf is free, thanks to its sponsors and hopefully the generous donations from the attendees. And ultimately compared to the official WWDC which is strictly a developers conference, opening keynote aside, AltConf is much friendlier to non-coders. There are naturally several sessions dedicated to design, user interactions and other less technical concerns but most of the workshops are aiming at covering features only interesting to code writers, architects and IT professionals. AltConf has a much wider scope: it’s a developer conference in the largest acceptance of the term, also appealing to marketers, entrepreneurs and independent publishers of iOS or OS X apps.

    What Are We Talking About?

    The topics in the first edition were various. There was some code naturally, but a lot more too. There were talks covering almost ever issues indie developer could have encountered. Topics such as users support and many strategic aspects of marketing (or how to get your app noticed :) were discussed. The focus was on the customer - with practical answers helping understanding customer better, capture attention and deal with feedback, many hints as to leverage customer interaction and run a successful app.

    All talks were accessible to the largest audience, some were pretty intense (namely a memorable and psychedelic experience shared by Andrew Stone) , most were casual and cheerful and all were fascinating given the quality of the speakers and panels. (Get a better idea of how all that was delivered with this excellent summary of the talks’ highlights posted by Ezra Siguel on Apptentive’s blog.)

    This edition’s program has not been unveiled yet, but a part of the speakers roster is already online. You’ll notice some familiar names and guess every single of them is worth listening.

    For the Labs part (hands-on workshops) the partial schedule is already pretty meaty and will certainly be soon completed.

    Also this year there will be some permanent booths which will certainly allow to make interesting encounters with members of the Apple developers community - yes, social networking in real life!

    AltConf Practically

    AltConf will be held the Children’s Creativity Theatre (221 4th St, San Francisco, California 94103 - facing Moscone West where WWDC 2014 is hosted).

    Tickets are free but limited and attendance in not guaranteed as the whole event is on a first-come, first-served basis. So don’t wait, get your ticket now - and let’s meet there!


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